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Becoming a Charge USA referral partner

The best part about working with Charge USA is that there is virtually no selling involved. We encourage non-competitive businesses and individuals with business contacts to earn a steady, monthly residual and bonus based income. We fund deposits faster, help merchants avoid transaction disputes, and keep our merchants aware of their transaction history.

Earn Extra Money Monthly

  • All that you need to do is ask your contacts for their monthly credit card processing statements. We pay the highest commissions in the industry as soon a merchant is activated. The partnerships we create are mutually beneficial and long-lasting.

Referral Partner Responsibilities

  • As a referral partner your goal is to introduce Charge USA to potential merchants who would benefit from our rate reduction and electronic payment services.
  • Collect a copy of the merchant's most recent processing statement and submit it through our online portal for rate reduction analysis.
  • We will contact the merchant, review their savings proposal and complete their merchant account application.
  • Simply provide us with a qualified merchant who shows interest and we do the rest!

What Charge USA Will Do For Your Referrals

  • Guaranteed lowest pricing on credit card processing fees and equipment.
  • Merchants will receive their funds deposited in 12 hours.
  • Charge USA will provide a no cost and no obligation evaluation of a merchant's current pricing structure.
  • Our relationship managers will work to diligently complete and collect the required paperwork.


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